We have set a lot of related site interactive service function , we referred to as community. the community includes: Pre-sales consultation, Order message, Order Comments, My Product Comments.Community auxiliary function includes:Message center, Online customer service.

一. Consultation service: mainly include: Message center (auxiliary function), online customer service (auxiliary function), pre-sales consulting, you could enjoy the solicitude considerate service at the  the shopping process. Shopping becomes easy and pleasant.

1.  Message center -- Our website mainly publishing notifications for specific populations or special event .Remind you to pay attention to some matters.

2.  Online consulting - on the right column above the "Customer Service" we set up online customer service function. when you browse or operation the site maybe you could meet a variety of question, Our online customer service staff (normal working days) will make you answer.

3.  Pre-consultation ---- When you log and turn to the product detail page, view the introduction of the product (before ordering) you still want to know more detail such as, color, packaging transportation, payment and so on. Pls click on the Add to Cart below "Have a question about this item?" Appears after "Submit your Consultation" , Then click on the category you want to ask : Fill in the blank contents of your questions. If you want to get the reply of this question even not logged in,it is simple,only before “Whether receive the response email” election on , when customer staff  answers questions at the same time to Cc your e-mail.
In addition to being a copy to your mailbox where you can see the answer to question, but of course you can login into "My DiyBeads" prompts page, click on "Pre-sale Consultation:" (unread reply will be displayed in red) or click My Consultations under the left column to view Community.

二.The comment of services: mainly includes: order message, product reviews, order reviews, you can fully interact with the site, at the same time enjoy the fun of interactive services can also get the corresponding points (do hyperlinks point)

1.  Order Message ---- When in the process an order ,some questions such as a detail or temporary  needs change, you need to communicate with the wholesaler .order message is superior features more targeted mail correspondence. You log into the “My Orders-> My Orders List -> “ then click “Order Messages”  in the blank leave messages. Finished reply, you could in “My DiyBeads” prompts page click “Order Message” : View. In reply to a content page after viewing suggestions click “Set as read”, this piece of information will not be displayed on the prompt page

2.  Product reviews ------ Mainly if you are satisfied with the purchase goods. You are shopping (before payment), after shopping (after payment),anytime could make the review of the purchased goods.
When you want to review,after purchase goods log in and turn to “My Order” or “ My DiyBeads” . Click on the left “Community” and turn to “My Comments”. View available for the review of products, and then click on the right listed “Submit my comment” to enter product reviews page, select the appropriate star points for the goods to make the review, the product reviews will no longer appear in the list of goods available for review.You could directly view our reply about your products review on “My DiyBeads”page.
Of course, you could as the above procedure into “ My Comments”,
   On the right side of the commodity list ,according to the class ,view remarks , reply content  and make the appropriate action.

3.  Order review ------ When each order is completed, you could make review on the completion of the entire order and give us scoring. In order to constantly improve and perfect.
 When you confirm receipt, or the system in default 30 days after the deadline. You enter " My Orders" click "My Orders List"  to find the target,click “Comment Now”. Select the star points, fill in the review content and submit. We also evaluate the contents of your reply and comprehensive score.

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