He is jack,her husband,a ordinary software tester.


She is jane ,his wife a common homemaker.He goes out for business day and night and she is hard running the housework at home. Their marriage is like water but real. Although he has not been very successful in his career, life is also not so rich, but she never complaint, to support him always, to do his strong backing 

Get married for many years he did not give her a decent gift, she never complained.But he was filled with guilt for her, He knew that she also wants to own a set decent jewelry .It'll look good with her slim figure.she is also like diamond jewelry, but she doesn't want to burden to him. Time flies! He regreted that he vaguely remembered they had just walked into the marriage hall, how between the twinkling of an eye, has entered the pity crystal wedding to know each other! Gently,They dripped and revisited what they experience ,Watching her rub with years, no longer smooth hands, He determined to give her a special gift-- He is going to handmade a set of jewelry for her.she said, the gift is not expensive, but in affection . He will show his sincerely heart to her by hand made a set jewelry .


Crystal married in birthday, She received a gift which is made by her birthday garnet and different color quantity beads as spacer beads into earring,bracelet and necklace.Excited with tears, She knew what hard to make this gift of raw materials ! she looked satisfied expression on his face,she was happy. Looking at her happy face , he thought to himself , these days were the value of hard work, In order to make this bracelet and necklace, he traveled almost the whole city, after a long wait before he cobble together different sources from all production materials through Web search finally.


At this moment , he met her happy, she was also happy to meet him. Nothing else to say, It is the best thing of life


Through this he convinced her words : gift, not  expensive , but must be affection. love is action, DIY--Do it yourself,weaving a love for the beloved person.From now on,he decided to build a shop for the people who express the love to lover,parents,friends .Through 5 years of hard work,he have made great successful-creat Deai Gems brand,own 10 chain stores at the same time build sales system.The real realization :one stop shopping for diy fans.

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