How can I create a new account?
1) Click "Login" in the top-right corner of any page;
2) Click “Create Your Account” on the Login page;
3) Enter your information and read the Site User Registration Agreement;
4) Click “Create Your Account”


How can I sign in?
1) Click "Login" in the top-right corner of any page;
2) Enter your email and password;
3) Click “Login”


What if I forgot my password?
If you’ve forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your Password”. We’ll ask you to enter your email account and then send you a new password immediately. After you have logged in using the new password, we recommend you go to My Orders and enter Account Settings to change it.


How to change my password?
1) Sign into your account and click Password on the left
2) Enter your old password and new password, then confirm the new one
3) Submit your password information


Where can I manage my shipping address?
Sign into your account and click Shipping Address on the left


Change your old adress
1) Click the grey Change button on the right
2) Change your address info, you can also define whether it is the default shipping adress or not
3) Click Save button

Add a new shipping address
1) Click Add on the bottom of the Shipping Address page
2) Fill in your address info, you can also define whether it is the default shipping adress or not
3) Click Save button

Delete address
Enter the shipping address page, click Delete on the right of the address
Please note that the default address can not be deleted, if you want to delete it, change it to non-default on the specific information page at first.
You can also edit the address information on the checkout page.


How can I write a review about the products I purchased?
Writing a review is easy to do, it helps other customers know more about our products, and you could win prizes or points when you do so.
Before you write a review, please confirm reception at first.

There are two ways to write a review:
You can go directly to the product page to write your revie.
1) Enter product information page
2) Click on Comments then click the Submit my comment link
3) Write your review and submit it

Or you can 
1) Sign into your account and click on My Orders List
2) Click the order that you want to write a review for
3) Click the Write a Review button

How do I use the “Add to Favorites” button?
It must be very desperate when you try to keep all your favourite items in mind or search for one item you browsed long time ago. Now you can solve this problem by a little but considerate function- the“Add to Favorites” button.
You need not to log in your account. My Favorites allows you to easily save products that you are interested in so that you can easily find them when you come back to shop at a later time. Click the [Add to Favorites button] on a product page to favorite an item and then click My Favorite at the top of the page to view your favorite items. There you can easily manage your favorites or copy them to cart.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe the special email offers from DeAi Gems?
It is a easy system to allow you subscribe or unsubscribe the special email offers.
1) Firstly you need to sign into your account and enter the Base Information page.
2) At the bottom of this page, you can determine whether subscribe or not by mark/unmark the small check box.
3) Then submit your update.

On the base information page, you can also change the email you use to receive messages or offers from DeAi Gems.

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