What is the coupon?

We send coupons to our customers via some promotion activities. Points can also trade for coupons. Coupons are used for part of the purchase in diybeads.com.cn and can not used in other websites.


What can I do with my coupon?

You can pay for part of your purchase with coupon.

10$  (can be used in purchase of Over 60$ per bill)
20$  (can be used in purchase Over 120$ per bill)
50$  (can be used in purchase Over 300$ per bill)
100$  (can be used in purchase Over 600$ per bill)

You can use more than one coupon in one purchase, but the proportion of coupon value and order value shall stick to the proportion above.

No points are earned for amounts discounted from full price (the part paid by coupons).

The discounted part paid by coupons is not included in receipt.


How can I earn coupon?

1)After completing the registration,you will get 10 coupons.

2) Coupons may be bundled with some promoted products at DeAi Gems. You can get FREE coupons after you pay the order of those promoted items.

3) Join our activities to get some FREE coupons. Please pay attention to announcements posted on our web to learn more specific rules.

4) Exchange coupon with points in your account.


Where can I check my coupon?

My Home->My Account->Coupons


How can I use my coupon?

1) Enter Checkout page. Find the drop-down list of coupon

2) Choose coupon and submit your order


*Please note:
DeAi Gems coupons are associated with your account. These coupons are not redeemable for cash or legal tender and cannot be duplicated, altered or auctioned on any websites. Coupons are non-transferable. 

Coupons may be applied towards in-stock merchandise available on DeAi Gems and they shall not be applied to any purchase made on any other websites.

Coupons may not be applied to previous purchases. Coupons can not be applied to pay for shipping cost.

Coupons will also be returned to your account if you cancel your order.

If you return the product to DeAi Gems, besides the cash you paid (we refund your cash to your credit card, click here to Ruturn&Refund Help ), the coupon of same value you used shall be returned to your member account as well.

DeAi Gems reserves the right to explain the terms of the event in case there are  different interpretations regarding this agreement .

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