What is the point?

Your points can be used on future purchases from diybeads.com.cn or exchange for gifts and cannot be used on any other websites.


How do I earn points?
1) When you first log to DeAi Gems and complete all necessary account information, you will receive 300 points automatically as our gift to you!
2) When you successfully finish your fisrt order at BIYBEADS.com, you will get extra 200 points!
3) Then, for every dollar you spend on DeAi Gems, you will receive 6 points.
4) If you buy things in your birthday month, the points you get will be doubled!
   *Please notice that no points are earned for tax and shipping costs. No points are earned for amounts discounted from full price. Points will be sent to your account after your order is completely accomplished without return or dispute.Besides methods above, you can also earn points by
5) For each product comment you post on DeAi Gems, you will earn 12 points. <-----Why should i comment?

6) For each order feedback,you will get 12 points.
7) For each original article you hand in to DeAi Gems, you will get 30 points.
    For each excerpted, you will receive 10 points.
8) You will get some extra points if you join our activities or recommend DeAi Gems to more people at BBS, Blog or SNS.
9) We appreciate any precious advices or suggestions. Once your suggestions were accepted, you can get some points.


What can I do with my points?

1)Gift Exchange

Exchange gifts at Gift Exchange Center with your reward points.

After awarding, the awarded points shall be deducted from your account. This operation is noncanceable.
Redeemed products cannot be refunded, returned, or exchanged for cash. Products can be exchanged if there is a quality problem.
The shipping cost of awarded gift is NOT for FREE. But you can choose to ship it with your other items purchased at DeAi Gems.
Some gifts are limited. Learn more rules about gift exchange with points, please pay attention to the announcement of Gift Exchange Center.

2)Coupon Exchange

You can also use rewards points to exchange coupon and pay for part of your purchase.

6000 points = 10$  (can be used in purchase of Over 60$ per bill)
12000 points= 20$  (can be used in purchase Over 120$ per bill)
30000 points=50$  (can be used in purchase Over 300$ per bill)
60000 points= 100$  (can be used in purchase Over 600$ per bill)
You can use more than one coupon in one purchase, but the proportion of coupon value and order value shall stick to the rules above.


Where can I check my points information?

My Account   ___>  My Point 
You can use your points to exchange gifts and coupons.


Do my points expire?

No, your points do not expire. Only after the gift or coupon exchange will your points be deducted. Or your points will be long-term effective.

*If members obtain points in advantage of illegal ways such us hacking system bugs, DeAi Gems has the power to close account,expropriate points or resort to other legal solutions.
  DeAi Gems reserves the right to explain the terms of the event in case there are  different interpretations regarding this agreement .

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